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Our Process

Fortune COCO is a neutral medium, without processing or addition of chemicals, easily recyclable composed solely of material that has undergone no chemical treatment.

Our Products Production unit & Warehouses alone is wide spreaded over acres of land apart from its own drying yards. Our Products consists of the most modern machineries running around the clock 24X7 all over the year apart from few national holidays, which are again flexible according to the buyer's requirements. Apart from our own production we are indeed involved sourcing & trading of the products like Neem Oil, Neem Cake, Neem Pallets. These products are produced as per our customer requirements at various Factories. We have standard suppliers who are involved in this process. Our Plant/Site Supervisors organize and inspect the production frequently for respective output.

Raw Materials Collection: We collect the raw material from various fiber mills in & around Pollachi/Dindgul and Watrap Area for our nearby units. It is stored in proper age wise segregated in our own larger drying yards, situated nearby which are completely free from weeds, seeds and other foreign particles, controlled by our respective yard supervisors.

  • Washing: The Raw Material is washed with fresh water to reduce the EC level and result of the same is verified by our Quality Control Officer. Then they are shifted to the plant for further process. The incoming material is checked for EC and Ph values to maintain its purity. All data are registered by our Quality Control Officer.
  • Sieving: Once the EC is tested for desired levels the Peat is screened for Particle size and Sand removal. The Sieving is done with respect to buyer's requirement. This allows the Peat to contain Fiber at Desired levels.
  • Compacting: The Peat is finally compacted into desired size blocks of 5kgs or 650 gram briquettes. The product is frequently checked for buyer's expectation. Utmost care is taken to meet the specifications of the buyers.

Simply all our units has the following Rigid Processes for best quality of cocopeat products

  • Washing: For substrate requiring a low conductivity.
  • Drying: To be compacted, our substrate must have a precise humidity rate.
  • Sifting: For all Natural, Duo, Air and cocochips substrates.
  • Sorting: All materials are stocked according to their rate of humidity and their level of conductivity.

For the development of our substrate we take one or several of these materials to achieve a homogeneous mixture that will be compacted to be despatched

Our team of quality controllers work with common procedures on all our production sites, checks are made throughout the manufacturing process right up to dispatch.

To ensure production homogeneity each site has a laboratory that carries out regular tests throughout the production process. In addition samples are taken of the products sent in order to ensure good product evolution.